LED anti-collision lights - SSA Convention

For see and be seen, this will help. A strip of LEDs is on the vertical stabilizer - in this case, a Silent Electro. They can be set either continuous, or to activate on FLARM alert. I've tried uploading a short iphone video in .mov and .mp4 format, but apparently that's not allowed; here is a youtube link: http://youtu.be/LDQnBjUTefY. If I were buying a new glider, I'd seriously consider getting this built in. I understand Schleicher offers this as an option.

If you want me to e-mail it, just IM me here. I have a longer video, from further away, but really, I think how it works is pretty clear.

I'm writing a Free Flight article on the OSTIV safety speaker track, but this won't translate well into print... teaser.

Dan D