Eastern Ontario Zone Director & Vice President

George Domaradzki


George Domaradzki is the director for the Eastern Ontario Zone since 2014 and Vice-President since 2016. The clubs in this zone are the Gatineau Gliding Club, Rideau Valley Soaring, Bonnechere Soaring and Montreal Soaring Club. George has been flying gliders since 1998 and is an instructor since 2004. He is currently President and Chief Flight Instructor of Rideau Valley Soaring. He also coordinates the Ottawa area glider pilot ground school and has given theoretical lessons. George is the proud owner of an ASW-20 that he flies whenever he is not scheduled for instruction. He recently retired from the Federal Government where he was a demographer, enabling him to carry out more flying and instruction during the week.

Pacific Zone Director

Bruce Friesen

Bruce Friesen Pacific Zone Director since 2016, fascinated with flying machines early in his life, it was only after a familiarization flight in a glider 1969 that Bruce found his passion – “the glider climbed, without an engine!“ Since 1983 he has pursued that passion to extract as much energy as possible from the atmosphere and to play chess with the sky, focusing on long flights in his wooden Standard Austria, the Scarlet Lady, and his Discus, Kilo Lima Lima. Not a towpilot or an instructor (Class 4 medical), Bruce hopes he can contribute to the sport of soaring in Canada as a member of the SAC Board. He is retired and living on the West Coast, but is a bit of a soaring vagabond, enjoying flying at new sites. When not soaring, he can be found at the Canadian Museum of Flight at Langley Airport, polishing old aircraft, and promoting soaring to the aviation-minded folks he meets.

Alberta Zone Director

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar is the new interim Alberta Zone Director. He is replacing Jordan Lewis, the elected Alberta Zone Director, who stepped down from the SAC Board due to a career change that will be more demanding of his time. Pavan completed a PPL with the Air Cadets and in 2011 became a towpilot with Saskatoon Soaring Club. With SSC he completed both GPL and FI before moving to Lethbridge and has served as CFI of the Lethbridge Soaring Club since it started flying in 2013. They call Cowley their home field and he welcomes other clubs and pilots to fly with them, learn to winch in their newly refurbished Grob Twin Trainer, and collect diamonds at Canada’s Diamond Mine. Current goals include mountain soaring, acro training, developing the Cowley Soaring Center site, and training of fellow pilots and instructors.

Treasurer & Prairie Zone Director

Jay Allardyce


Jay Allardyce Prairie Zone Director since 2012 and SAC Secretary from 2014 to 2017 and Treasurer since 2018. Jay began hanging around the airfield at the age of seven and started taking lessons as soon as he was able to reach the rudder pedals. He has been flying gliders since 2001 and his particular passion is cross-country. He is an active instructor and towpilot at the Winnipeg Gliding Club. He has flown in several soaring competitions and was the junior OLC champion for Canada for several seasons. Jay owns a share in an ASW-19 with a partner and enjoys flying cross-country whenever possible. To fund his addiction, Jay works in business development with an aero-space company that overhauls jet engines. He enjoys playing hockey and golf when he can’t be in the air.

Southern Ontario Zone Director

Paul Parker

Paul ParkerPaul Parker is the new Southern Ontario Zone Director. He obtained his power pilot’s license at 18, but turned to gliding as soon as he could. He studied in Australia and joined the Canberra Gliding Club in 1983, becoming an instructor in 1986. He then moved to England where he instructed at Lasham Gliding Club. Returning to Canada, he took a 16 year break while his children were young and then joined SOSA where he enjoys instructing and flying cross-country. In 2018 he won the club class at the Canadian nationals and then flew in the PanAmerican Gliding championships in 2019. Sharing solar powered flight is a passion. 

President & Eastern Zone Director

Sylvain Bourque


Sylvain Bourque is the Eastern Zone Director since 2005, VP from 2006 to 2009, and President since 2010. Sylvain first flew a glider in 1994, since then has been an active member of AVV Champlain, involved in training, towing, and in account-ing as club treasurer. He is a Class 1 glider instructor, holds an Airplane Commercial Pilot Licence and advanced drone pilot certificate. He also is an aeronautical radio examiner, and an authorized person for licensing. He owns a Pegasus with two other partners. He is proud to be part of this board which has such a wide variety of backgrounds and a huge involvement in the soaring community.