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pdf AirCadet / Youth Fund Deed Popular

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pdf Board Resolution - Contest Hosting Grant Popular

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2013 Nov 11th BODs Resolution - Club Grant for hosting Competition.pdf

document Canadian Glider Fleet - 2019 (June) Popular

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Canadian glider fleet 2019-3.docx

Canadian glider fleet to June 2019. Compiled by Tony Burton.

pdf Pioneer Fund Deed Popular

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pdf SAC Expense Form Popular

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SAC expenses form.pdf

pdf SAC Membership Rate Information Popular

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2019 SAC membership fees.pdf

May 2019 Update.

pdf SAC Privacy Policy (April 2013) Popular

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SAC privacy policy April 2013.pdf

document SAC Youth Bursary Application bourse jeunesse ACVV Popular

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SAC Youth bursary application form.docx

pdf TRANSITION TO MOTORGLIDERS (Interim Guidance 2018) Popular

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Transition to Motor Gliders 2018_10_08 (1).pdf

Provided by Dan Cook

pdf Wolf Mix Fund - Udo Rumpf Popular

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Wolf Mix Fund - Udo Rumpf.pdf

pdf Wolf Mix Fund Deed Popular

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pdf Women in Gliding: An International Perspective Popular

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Women in Gliding - An international Perspective 2013 March.pdf

pdf Youth Bursary Information Popular

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SAC Youth Bursary Program.pdf

Updated May 2019