SAC Youth Bursary Program

Are you a young person that has a passion for aviation and are interested in learning how to fly? Are you young person that is already flying gliders and is looking for opportunities to further your training? Are you an Air Cadet that is interested in flying new gliders and learning to soar? If so, the SAC Youth Bursary Program is for you!

SAC provides $10,000 of financial support to youth to help offset the cost of flying gliders through our Youth Bursary Program. Anyone who is under the age of 25 as of January 1st of the current year and is currently attending an educational institution qualifies for the bursary. The maximum bursary available per qualifying applicant from SAC is $500 and the funds provided by SAC must be fully matched by the club at which the recipient is a member, effectively doubling the funds available to the applicant. The funds are divided amongst Canadian clubs in such a way to give all clubs with qualifying applicants the opportunity to participate, so the club may elect to distribute the funds provided by SAC amongst several applicants and provide less than the maximum of $500 per applicant. The money is to be used on flying activities, not for membership dues, with the goal of maximizing one flying. No prior flying experience is necessary and youth that have no prior gliding experience may apply for the bursary through their local clubs.

The clubs will select candidate(s) and it is to be open to anyone without any prerequisite of prior flying training or licensing. The distribution of the bursaries will be done in such a way as to give all clubs an equal opportunity of support if they wish to participate. The first round of one bursary will be available to a club up to June 1st after which a club would be able to obtain a second bursary for all those applying (pending availability) up to August 1st, at which time a third round would take place subject to any bursaries remaining.

If you are interested in applying for the SAC Youth Bursary Program, you can download an application form here.