What is Soaring (in Canada)?

Soaring is the sport of flying unpowered aircraft called gliders or sailplanes. Launched into the air by powered aircraft and using natural sources of lift, such as thermals, the two objectives of the sport are to stay airborne as long as possible and fly the longest distances. A well executed flight is the product of successfully coordinating hand and eye, but the real joy comes from a wholly unique interaction with nature in which the novel environmental factors of each flight make each experience different. Beyond a basic know-how, soaring can be as simple or as complex as the task you set for your flight, making the sport accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.

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From powerful thermals in the Prairies, Ontario and Quebec, to ridges in British Columbia, and lee waves in Southern Alberta, Canada’s diverse geography allows for an impressive array of gliding experiences. SAC organized soaring camps, cross-country clinics, and annual contests are an ideal way to discover the Canadian airscape. The majority of soaring in Canada facilitated through volunteer run SAC clubs which make available single and two-place gliders for members, and render free instruction by Transport Canada licensed instructors.

Visit a local SAC club for an introductory flight and discover the satisfaction of soaring.

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