Contest Hosting Grant for Clubs

In an effort to encourage the hosting of regional (zone) and national gliding contests by clubs throughout Canada, SAC has established a Contest Hosting Grant. SAC recognizes that it takes a fair amount of effort to put on a safe and enjoyable contest and the Contest Hosting Grant for Clubs provides a reward to clubs that host sanctioned contests.

Clubs that a competition that is less than 6 days in length will receive a $1,000 grant, clubs that host a competition is that is 6 days or more will receive a $3,000 grant and clubs that host a national contest will receive a $4,000 grant. The grants can be used by the club for whatever they see fit. Grants will be handed out following the completion of the contest.

The Sporting Committee will review all contests for the year and determine which contests will be eligible to receive the Contest Hosting Grant. If your club is interested in hosting a zone or national competition, contact your Zone Director and the chair of the Sporting Committee.