Annual Safety Reports due

Hello. I am working on the annual safety report for the SAC AGM in Calgary. I request that club boards ask their safety designates to forward their annual incident/accident reports to allow me to do this. A format is available in the Document Vault under 'Safety and Training'. I would like to publicly thank the following clubs, who have already submitted their reports (in the order received):

Gatineau Gliding Club
Winnipeg Gliding Club
CVVQ (Quebec)
Montreal Soaring Council
AVVC (Champlain)
SOSA Gliding Club

The sooner I get the information, the sooner it can be formatted for Tony to put into Free Flight, and I prefer to be done at least a week before the AGM. Our purpose is to identify trends so that other clubs and pilots can put mitigating efforts into preventing accidents, and if necessary, alter the training or spring check programmes.

I also use the insurance report, usually available just before the AGM, and CADORS, but neither of these provide the detail that usually is available at the club. Once produced, the annual safety report and briefing given at the AGM is placed in the document vault under safety and training.

Dan Daly
National Safety Officer