Southern Ontario Zone Director

Stan Martin

Stan Martin is the Southern Ontario Zone Director since 2023.

Like many, I dreamed of flying from an early age. After college I got my chance and took power lessons at Maple Airport. In 1978 I was invited to take my motorcycle for a destination ride to a glider club (York Soaring). I knew nothing of gliding, but after my first ride I was hooked. I left gliding for university and did not get back to it until the late 80’s. I joined Erin Soaring in 89. There I became an instructor and eventually president. In 2002 we merged Erin Soaring with York Soaring. I served on York’s Board and as president for three years. My club is now
Toronto Soaring. I fly a Mini-Nimbus and a Twin Lark. I have flown many other glider types, participated in Regional, National and Pan-American competitions. I’ve organized wave camps at Sugarbush Soaring in Vermont. I also organize in Florida for winter destination opportunities by staging York equipment at Seminole Gliding. There it is flown by other regional clubs as well as York members.