Emmanuel Cadieux

Pilot - 2013 JWGC (Poland)

1aEmmanuel made his first glider flight in 2001 when he was 10. He is an active member of the Montreal Soaring Council where he first soloed at the age of 14. At 16, he earned his glider license and started flying cross-country. He has been posting his flights on the global Online Contest (OLC) since then. He has flown two Canadian Nationals (2011 & 2012) as well as other local contests. Emmanuel holds a Silver Badge and has completed his 300km flight to complete his Gold Badge. In August 2013, at 22 years old he competed at the 8th Junior World Gliding Championship which were held in Leszno, Poland. He was the third junior pilot to represent Canada in the Junior World Gliding Championships.

Click here to read Emmanuel's blog from the 2013 JWGC.