The New SAC Website Has Arrived!

Take a look around and you will definitely notice some changes. The new home puts a lot at your fingertips and gives you many reasons to revisit. News is freshly updated with articles and tweets, the latest OLC results are easy to see and compare, we embedded the discussion Forum, the Classifieds are self-serve and public, news and tweets from Canadian clubs get automatic national coverage – you don't need to rely on a middle man. The list goes on.

The success and benefit of the new site hinges on your participation. To contribute some vibrancy, ensure that your club shares its news via RSS and Twitter. The SAC webmaster can easily integrate those streams of information into the site. Make constructive suggestions but be mindful that our resources are limited. Get familiar with the SAC programs and remind us of your participation – we hope to drive more candidates to clubs and acknowledging your efforts could steer new members your way. If you find mistakes or updates are required, let us know – the contact details are all easy to see at the base of every page.

Here is a condensed list of highlights.

SAC news – accessible by a simple menu selection. Short bulletins by Twitter and longer messages in articles. Follow @canglide on Twitter and get instant updates. Your club news is important too. SAC gives it prominence – just use RSS and Twitter to publish and we will take care of the rest.

Embedded OLC results – OLC results in one easy location. Arranged for national and regional views, the results show individual and club performances throughout the season.

Classifieds go international, and there's only one (thank goodness) – we consolidated the classifieds to the Forum and opened this to viewers world-wide. You maintain your own ads with your Forum login.

Embedded discussion forum – you can easily get to the forum without leaving the SAC site. See the SAC menu.

SAC Programs in broad daylight – SAC has a number of helpful programs but they are not well known and understood. We brought these out into the daylight where we hope they will get your attention.

New members – we aim to provide general information about learning to soar in one central location so that your club doesn't have to bother. If it looks interesting and fun, the curious can find your club and make enquiries about joining.

Canadian Records – Hey, they're there to be broken. The our very best achievements are now really easy to find. In many cases you get links to the flight traces on the OLC.

Trophies – these are important awards, but do you know they exist and their history? We figure you can earn the awards or nominate candidates once you know.

Calendar – we've got an account that we can easily update with important dates. When is the next contest? Where is the SAC AGM? Just look at the calendar.

We're growing and changing - We've skipped ahead several major Joomla versions to get here, and that means our tools are modern and growing. We will migrate from Joomla 2.5 to 3.x once our full toolset can run at that newer software level.

SAC news feed

Visit this page frequently or ask your webmaster to publish our news on your club's site

An example of integration of SAC news is given at this link