Soaring Simulator Funding for Clubs


Simulators have been used in flight training for many decades; however, simulators specifically for gliders have only become popular in the last few years. With the availability of sophisticated high-quality simulator software dedicated to soaring (such as Condor), the idea of using simulators to train glider pilots has now become reality. Simulators can substantially reduce the cost to train a student by covering several lessons on the ground in a very condensed manner. The simulator also gives an instructor the ability to repeat a lesson with a student over and over without the need for multiple flights.
In an effort to encourage clubs to embrace simulators as part of their training program, SAC has a program to provide financial support for clubs wishing to build their own simulators. SAC will cover a third of the cost for the club to construct a soaring simulator, up to a maximum of $1,000. SAC hopes that this will encourage clubs to construct a soaring simulator and incorporate the simulator into their training program.
If your club is interested in taking advantage of this program, contact the Chairman of the Flight Training & Safety Committee. FSTC can provide guidance and support throughout the process of building the simulator and will also assist with obtaining the funding through SAC. Clubs will be reimbursed for the allowable funding upon completion of the project. Clubs must be able to provide copies of receipts and provide photographs of the completed simulator.
Several great articles have been written for free flight regarding the building of soaring simulators and the use of simulators in training. Below are a couple of great articles worth reading if your club is considering taking on the construction of a simulator:
Building a glider simulator at York Soaring - free flight 2006 - 3, page 11
Please document what you built, include photos of the simulator (including in use), and receipts associated with the build cost and include the SAC BOD, FSTC, and the SAC BOD Treasurer.