Treasurer & Prairie Zone Director

Jay Allardyce


Jay Allardyce Prairie Zone Director since 2012 and SAC Secretary from 2014 to 2017 and Treasurer since 2018. Jay began hanging around the airfield at the age of seven and started taking lessons as soon as he was able to reach the rudder pedals. He has been flying gliders since 2001 and his particular passion is cross-country. He is an active instructor and towpilot at the Winnipeg Gliding Club. He has flown in several soaring competitions and was the junior OLC champion for Canada for several seasons. Jay owns a share in an ASW-19 with a partner and enjoys flying cross-country whenever possible. To fund his addiction, Jay works in business development with an aero-space company that overhauls jet engines. He enjoys playing hockey and golf when he can’t be in the air.