Edmonton Soaring Club: Junior Soaring Camp
08.22.2016 - 08.28.2016
Selena Boyle
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ESC will be hosting the annual youth camp August 22-28. The camp is open to licensed glider pilots aged 16-25.

Due to aircraft and instructor limitations, only six new applicants will be accepted and 2 returning applicants.

Download Registration Form: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7C9X5HiivvLemNfZHh6RDhRS0k

Accommodations: Bring a tent and stay on the field, or use our bunkhouse. Shower and kitchen facilities are provided in the clubhouse so that cooking is easy. Rides may be available into Edmonton, Chipman, Vegreville, or Lamont for groceries. Nearby Chipman also has a restaurant if rides are available from local members. 

Transportation: ESC’s volunteers will be available to pick attendees up from Edmonton if pilots come via bus or airline. Prior arrangements are required. 

Cost: Camp registration fee is $50 non-refundable. Tow fees are standard at $15/1000 feet. Glider rental fees are subsidized $0.28/min from normal club rates. GST not included.

Course Opportunities: The Blanik L-23, the Puchacz, the Perkoz, the Blanik L-33, the PW-5, and ASW-15 (only for experienced pilots) are available for rental. Attendees will also have the opportunity to receive training in the following activities:
-Heavy emphasis on pilot decision-making in all aspects of flight and ground operations.
-Transition to higher performance aircraft. Your training will start in the L-23, Puchacz or Perkoz. Pilots showing excellent decision-making and flying skills may be allowed to solo in the single-seat gliders.
-Land-out procedures.
-Advanced thermalling techniques, collision avoidance.
-Cross-country soaring equipment, techniques, and options.
-Emergency parachute procedures.
-Composite glider construction methods, rigging, and de-rigging.