folder FAI Sporting Code

Rules and regulations put together by the FAI and the IGC that govern badge and record flying


pdf FAI Sporting Code - Annex A - Rules for World and Continental Soaring Championships Popular

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FAI Sporting Code - Annex A.pdf

An English-language document to help you understand the rules for participating in world and continental soaring championships. Last amended in 2013.

pdf FAI Sporting Code - Annex B - Requirements for Equipment Used in the Validation of Flight Performances Popular

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FAI Sporting Code - Annex B.pdf

This document deals with IGC-approved Flight Recorders (FRs) that use Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), with devices that record Pressure Altitude (barographs), and with devices that record accurate time. It contains rules, procedures and guidelines applying to such equipment as it is used in the flight verification process.

pdf FAI Sporting Code - Annex C - Official Observer & Pilot Guide Popular

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This annex has been prepared to assist pilots and Official Observers to interpret the rules of the Sporting Code. It amplifies these rules, gives guidance on how to comply with them, and recommends procedures for the operation of equipment used to provide evidence for flights.

pdf FAI Sporting Code - Annex D - Rules for the Official IGC Ranking List Popular

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FAI Sporting Code - Annex D.pdf

This Annex is published to provide rules and procedures for the Official International Gliding Commission Ranking List, which provides a ranking of individual pilots as well as countries.

pdf FAI Sporting Code - Section 3 (Gliding) 2016 Popular

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FAI Sporting Code - Section 3 (Gliding) 2016b.pdf

This document contains the FAI rules and regulations pertaining to gliding competitions.