Well, here it is..... and a tip on 'hot links'

This is the new www.sac.ca, hope you like it.

Please register, bottom left, supplying your real name and email address where requested. Put your club name in too, e.g. "Fred Smith - AVSA".

Most new content now will be "News" articles submitted by Club Authors.

Remember that only the LATEST 5 News articles, and the 5 most POPULAR show at the top of the Home page, to see all past articles use the menu option "News - *All Articles"

Navigation through 'hot links' to other material or other web sites is a bit different than older web sites. Links are not blue and underlined as was a 'standard' at one time.

Hot links here appear as bolded dark gray, an example is: Click HERE for SAC on YouTube

Float your mouse over such high-lit text and a hint appears, click the high-lit text to follow the link.  

There may be the odd burp here and there, but people are looking at solving any problems quickly. If you see the same problem after a day or so, please us the Contacts option to email the web team.

We hope you come back often, and we hope you contribute one news article or web link each year to keep others coming back! Contribute through your club's web team representative, or email your article to any SAC Director.

For those who would ask...."how does this new site work?" .... there is no instruction manual, you float your mouse around the various phrases, titles, graphics, icons and pictures... and when the mouse pointer changes to a hand... click on that  and you will be taken to something related to what you clicked.

After a while you will have learned how to navigate.... click the Random Picture.. you get that picture larger and you can view more photos in its album, or click on the word "Gallery" and go check other albums. Look at the space above a photo and you will see icons to got to the next or the previous photo in that album.

Hard to read the font? Click on the "A+" symbol top right under "Resize font" one or more times... guess what A- does? ;-)

But if you get stuck or cannot get to something you think is buried somewhere, email any of the web team. Or post your question on the Roundtable. Always of value to us older folks on computer issues is the 13 year old kid next door... use 'em if you got 'em!


Experiment! Have fun! Contribute!